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First Mythic Kill

by Byleana, 34 days ago

It's nice to be able to truly call ourselves a Mythic guild again. Thank you to everyone for sticking with us. This is just the beginning however!


Hellfire Assault



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The Legion Will Not Conquer All

by Byleana, 54 days ago

I want to congratulate everyone on getting us to 13/13, it was a struggle getting the guild back in shape following the disaster of last tier, but we're in a strong place now thanks to the capable people we have.  Now on to the true challenge: Mythics! 

I'll be relying mostly on Method's guides for our first Mythic kills, please start researching at least the first 3 fights so we can make as much headway as possible. 




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Massacre is a Mythic raiding guild on the Turalyon-US server. We Raid Tues, Wed, Thurs from 8:45-12 Server (EST).

Originally founded in 2007, Massacre has an experienced cadre of officers and raiders, many of whom have been actively raiding since the games inception. These raiders have been fortunate enough to experience the entirety of World of Warcraft raiding content. We are a very solid, stable guild with a mature player base. Our primary focus is end-game, raiding progression while enjoying the game. When not doing progression raiding, many of our members enjoy Challenge Modes, PvP, or having fun on alts.

Our drive and dedication will propel Massacre as we continue to meet the challenges of all current and future raid content.

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