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Hellscream's Downfall

by Byleana, 27 days ago


It's over....it's finally over. Thank you everyone for sticking with us and coming every week.

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 Massacre is a hard-core 25-man raiding guild on the Turalyon US server.  Although Massacre was originally founded in 2007, many of our players have been actively raiding since the games inception, and have been fortunate enough to experience the entirety of World of Warcraft raiding content.  Overall, we are a very solid, stable guild that is relatively drama free with the primary focus of end-game raiding progression while having a fun time doing it.  When we are not raiding, many of our members enjoy small group dungeons, engaging in player vs. player content, or having fun on their alts.

With our dedication to progression, Massacre is continuing its momentum to meet the challenges of current and future raid content.

We Raid Tues, Wed, Thurs from 8:45-12 Server (EST)
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