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re: EPGP Loot Guide


Addons needed

EPGP (dkp reloaded) - not required but will show you a nice interface of everyones ep, gp, and pr

**NOTICE** If you do download the above addon turn off loot announce to avoid spamming chat when you loot

EPGP Lootmaster - required to handle loot, shows up as two parts in the addon menu

  • EPGPLootmaster core - required by everyone to manage loot
  • EPGPLootmaster ml - only required by officers/masterlooter



For a very comprehensive explanation of the various aspects of this loot system check

EpGp stands for effort points gear points

  • Effort points- Quantifies the effort each member puts toward the guilds goals
  • Gear points- Quantifies the amount and quality of loot each member has received (how GP is calculated for each item can be seen in the site above)
  • PR- Priority- This is the loot priority obtained by dividing EP/GP

PR = EP / GP


Other terms

  • EPmin - This is the minimum EP required to have priority on loot.  Used as an attendance/trial check mostly (see below for more details)
  • Base GP - GP that everyone starts with and can not drop below.  Basically prevents PR from becoming infinity.  We will be using 100
  • Extras % - % of EP that members gets for being on standby/bench.  We are using 100%


Ways Effort Points are gained

Early expansion

  • Bonus for returning WOD raiders (anyone that has or had member/raider status with massacre) - 1000
  • Bonus for lvl 110 by first raid- 1000
  • Bonus for ilvl 840 by first raid- 500

Guild Bank Incentives - Max 250/week.  Mail your contributions to Necrolepsy.  Contributions for the week will be added Monday night.  Check here to view your contributions.

(this is not a guaranteed source of EP and will change based on the needs of the Gbank.  Numbers normalized to AH prices to achieve fair value)

          Bumping the max to 500/week to get some mat flow into the bank.

  • Ep values of each item can be found on the second page of the spreadsheet (too many to list here).  I have the raw mats normalizd by its gold value off undermine journal and calculate items based off how much mats are needed.


  • On time for raid (in raid ready to pull 8:45)- 200
  • Hourly (from 8:45 start of raid)- 100
  • Mythic first kill- 600
  • Mythic second kill- 300
  • Heroic first kill- 300
  • Heroic seocnd kill- 150
  • Farm kill- 50


Ways Effort Points are lost


If you are going to be late or miss a raid night let us know in the raid absence thread or you will be deducted EP

  • Late to a raid without notice - you will be deducted the 200 on time and any hourly gains
  • Miss a day without notice - you will be deducted the full 500 attendance amount
  • Miss a week without notice - you will be deducted all attendance and boss kill amounts for the week


  • AFK on trash without letting your role lead know - you will be deducted the value of the next boss (even if we don't kill it)
  • AFK on bench without letting your role lead know - you will be deducted boss kill and attendance amount earned up to that point

Joke/Incorrect item bids

First or second time this happens will come with a warning, but if it continues gp will be charged.  Taking the extra second to look at all the stats on an item will save everyone time in the long run.

  • "Bidding" on an item you can't use (ie mage bidding on strength neck) you will be deducted ep for 25% of items gp cost
  • "Bidding" with the incorrect button (ie rolling major upgrade on a token reroll) you will be deducted ep for 50% of items gp cost



20% a week Monday before adding gbank incentives in.  This decay has three purposes.  Reduce hoarding, make current ep gains worth more than older ep gains, make older gp gains worth less than current gp gains.



4500-  This is about 3-4 weeks of normal raiding which coincides with our usual trial period.  Those under EPMin can still make a selection for gear and will be considered if noone else selects "major upgrade" or "minor upgrade".



If you are not in the raid you can whisper the master looter "epgp standby" you should receive a confirmation adding you to the list or confirming you are already on the list.  You can do this at anytime but make sure to whisper from your main (you can switch to an alt after confirming you were added)



How To Use the Addons



No settings need to be changed.  When looting has started you will see a window similar to this

  • 4pc- 100% GP charged- Select this if it will complete your 4 pc
  • 2pc- 100% GP charged- Select this if it will complete your 2 pc
  • Major Upgrade- 100% GP charged- This is the "need" button, the big upgrades, the BIS items, going from normal to heroic of an item etc
  • Minor Upgrade- 50% GP charged- This is the slight upgrade, the warforged/socket of what you are using etc (this is not to be abused, if it is a major upgrade you will be charged 100%)
  • Offspec/Reroll- 0% GP charged- This is for offspec gear or token rerolls.  Those that use their offspecs often to assist the raid will have priority.  After that the in addon /roll will be used.  The in addon /roll will be used for token rerolls as well.
  • T-mog- 0% GP charged- transmog items.  Remember you can only obtain the transmog of something you can equip and is of your primary armor type (source).  In addon /roll will be used
  • Pass- passes
  • Time-  You are given 1 minute to choose an option for all loot available before you auto pass.  Know what gear drops and what you are looking for, we will not wait for you to look it up.
  • Note- You can write a note along with your selection


Tier tokens-  Although this is an impartial loot system, 2pc and 4pc bonuses can have huge effects for certain classes especially at the beginning of the expansion so we will be prioritizing 4pc and 2pc over 1pc and 3pc in most circumstances.

Loot Priority- Loot will be handed out in order of importance.  Tier token -> weapon (Artifact relics) -> trinket -> jewelry -> the rest

Auto Pass- You will only see loot you are eligible to use (note again you can not get the tmog of something you can not use)

PR Tie- In the unlikely event that two people have the same PR the in addon /roll will be used.


EPGP (DKP Reloaded)

You can view the list of members and their respective ep,gp, and pr by typing /epgp

Type /epgp config to change some settings like if you are spamming groups with loot callouts etc

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